Elysian Pictures is a creative and dynamic independent film and commercial production company. Located in Los Angeles, the heart of the movie and entertainment industry, Elysian Pictures has produced and developed numerous independent films and commercials under its supervision. Click below to learn more about the various production services we offer, including our past, present, and upcoming film and commercial projects.

Rent the Red Camera. The RED Epic & RED One Camera is a 35mm equivalent Digital Cinema Camera with amazing image quality and versatility. We are renting complete camera packages with Arri, Element Technica & O'Connor support accesories. Those interested in renting the RED Epic or RED One Camera should visit our RED Camera Rental page to find out more information. or download our Red Camera Rental PDF.

Check out our Independent Films page to view information about the various movies that Elysian Pictures Production Company has produced. You can view the Film & Movie Trailers for our productions as well as Demo Reels of our staff.

The following are a selection of films and commercials Elysian has produced:

The Chase - A Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" Commercial
- Writer / Director Chris Armstrong's Doritos Super Bowl commercial "The Chase", was nominated as one of the top five commercials submitted to the 2009 competition. "The Chase" was picked up and aired nationally as part of Doritos 2009 campaign.

Reunion - Four college friends gather at their 10 year reunion where one of them finds that it's character that matters most, not success.

Dalton's Reward - Unknown and unloved, Dalton discovers a great gift that makes him the envy or enemy of all those he encounters. His only blessing is also his greatest curse and he must choose how to handle it.