The 168 Four Film Project and Festival ( is a competition where all participants must film and edit a project of significant quality and moral values in 168 hours (1 week) or less.

Elysian's Participation

Elysian Pictures has produced three films for the 168 Hour Film Project. "Sumo Joe", "Chasing Contentment" and "Dalton's Reward" are products of the weeklong film contest. If you are interested in either of these films please visit the detail pages linked below.

Sumo Joe - A young boy grows to become a top sumo wrestler with a chance to become a champion. The only chance he has to save his family from financial ruin is to fight the deadly "Crusher Callahan" a 500lbs monster of a man who has never lost.

Chasing Contentment - After losing the girl of his dreams, Nick is left with only the memories of a failed relationship and an expensive ring in his pocket. Two awkward and unexpected confrontations with Rachel push Nick to the edge and will ultimately decide the rest of his life.

Dalton´s Reward - Quiet and unobtrusive, Dalton's invisible to everyone at work and run over by his mother and sister at home. All that changes when Dalton receives a mysterious pouch. The alluring contents of his pouch bring him more attention than he's ever had - or possibly wanted. When his secret ultimately leads to disaster, he breaks. But the one person who can lift his burden has disappeared. Broken and alone, Dalton is left to choose for himself: Is his strange reward worth the price he has to pay?

The 168 Film Project

At the beginning of the 168 Hour Film Project each participating team is given a topic/theme which becomes the basis of their screenplay. Each team then has one week to produce, shoot, and edit their short film in-order to be considered for awards during festival judging. The 168 Film Project, and Elysian Pictures' participation in it are demonstrations of the high quality work that can result in a short duration of time.