"Before you go, promise me one thing; that you don't chuck your engagement ring into some lake like they do in the movies. If you've got to chuck something, I'll trade you straight-up for my car... it makes a bigger splash." - Ryan

The Trailers

The Premise

With ring in hand and a silent phone before him, Nick is left with the memories of a failed relationship & a single picture of the Rachel, the girl of his dreams. During a chance meeting on the way to the local El Gallo, Nick and his roommate Ryan run into Rachel and the "new guy". An awkward moment and a new restaurant later, Ryan tries to consol Nick from his despair. Uncomforted by Ryan's words, Nick leaves in a rage only to find himself in the shadows outside Rachel's house. A new morning brings a new visitor as Rachel unexpectedly arrives at Nick's house to cut all ties & put an end to the relationship once and for all. Left in ruins on stormy night, Nick must make a decision... a decision that will change the course of his life forever as he... chases contentment.

The Film

The short film Chasing Contentment was made for the "168 Hour Film Festival" where it received a bronze award. To compete in the 168 Hour Film Festival, Chasing contentment had to be made in less than 168 hours (1 week). A topic and theme was given to Chris Armstrong (the co-writer, director, and producer) and the other crew members of Chasing Contentment. From there they had 1 week to write, cast, and pre-produce the film. Following the week of preproduction, the 168 hours started. The Chasing Contentment team had one week to shoot, edit, and score the film in order to be in festival contention. The 168 Hour Film Festival was held in March of 2004 where Chasing Contentment received a bronze award.

Chasing Contentment stars the talented Philippe Til, Mark Atteberry, and Jenn Gotzon. Produced by Elysian Pictures, the film was written by Chris Armstrong & Greg Schemper. Chasing Contentment was directed and produced by Chris Armstrong.

Chasing Contentment will be touring film festivals across the country and will be included in the Scenario for Delirium DVD. If you are interested in a single copy of Chasing Contentment or locations and times of festival appearances sign up to with the Elysian Pictures' information list below.

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