"You can not give someone an answer to a question they are not asking..."

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It is those questions that motivate the stories Chris Armstrong portrays on script and screen. Inspired questions in need of answers, emotional truth depicted in performance, and the visual beauty in each and every frame are the foundations of every one of his films.

Chris is the founder of the LA based production company Elysian Pictures, and the writer/director of multiple films including Scenario for Delirium, Dalton's Reward, and Chasing Contentment, and National Commercials such as Doritos' The Chase. With an assortment of productions solely under his name, he has also attained a variety of experience in all aspects of development and production on over 40+ films. His skill set and company services have been utilized by high profile clients such as Sony, Microsoft, Frito-Lay, ConAgra and the LA Clippers in addition to directing acting showcases viewed by industry players like Sam Raimi (Spiderman) and David Mamet.

Along side actress Jenn Gotzon, Chris was the face of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference in Las Vegas. NAB is the largest international convention for film, television, and media content and technology. Their faces appeared on billboards and in magazines such as High Def, DV, and POST. Chris has had the pleasure of speaking at various industry seminars, and leading digital film making workshops across the country. You can view his Director's Reel at the top or bottom of the page.


A film does not make itself. It takes an unseen amount of time, planning, effort and people to produce and organize every aspect of production. Nor do they pay for themselves. They are businesses in and of themselves, designed as a product for profit. As a producer for multiple films, Chris Armstrong knows the challenges and demands required to make a good film: The delicate balancing act of budgets and artistic freedom. Knowledge of the rules, stipulations, and legalities of actors, crew, equipment, and locations. The process of Pre-Production through Post and Distribution to fulfill the artistic potential and profit of a completed film.


A film can only be as good as the story that is told. For that story to be told it must first be written. No matter how well produced, acted, or directed a film may be, a lousy script will always be just that, and the film will reflect that quality. A good script will give a foundation that is invaluable for the rest of the creative process. As the writer of numerous feature and short scripts, Chris Armstrong believes this aspect of the creative process to be the most important in the production. Snappy dialogue and catch phrases, flowing together in a lyrical harmony compliment the deep, emotionally layered characters that are woven in each of Chris' scripts. Every story unfolds with an inherent curiosity of what follows next, told in non-cliche and original ideas. Every story a moment of truth, emotion, questions, and the possibility of answers wrapped in life's drama and excitement. Every story told in words awaiting their moment to be told in pictures, to live as film.


As a director, Chris Armstrong gives life to these words and stories. Adding to the story what only real life and a thousand word image can provide. Told through actors whose performance is as seamless and believable as could ever be caught on video or celluloid. Every shot framed and lit to move the plot, characters, and to convey the meanings and themes of that story. Every scene a story in itself. Every film an example of the power to move and change the life of the viewer through the artistic medium of cinema.

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