Our Development and Ad Creation Process with advertisers follows these simple steps:

1) Strategy -Why should your audience care about your product or service? And why don’t they already?

Naturally, any marketing relationship begins with understanding the product or service an advertiser wants to bring to market. But if a commercial stops there, no matter how original its execution, it can miss its target.

So we begin the creative process by doing an in-depth analysis of the audience. Sometimes smaller clients must be interviewed and such knowledge is gained on an anecdotal basis; larger clients may already have a strategy prepared by a marketing executive or planner.

Secondly, we ask our client: what is something we can say about their product or service that hasn’t been said before, hasn’t been made clear, or isn’t getting through? Is there something that sets it apart? What is its “unique selling proposition”? Is there something that sets it apart from its competitive set?

Third and finally we ask: what is the best way to marry the audience to this unique selling proposition? What can we find out about the audience that not only gets them over their resistence to the product, but gets them passionate about it?

2) Creative Brief -Now that we know about your audience and your product, where should we go from here?

When we feel like we have answered those questions for ourselves we write a Creative Brief for the client to review and approve (if one doesn’t exist already). This puts down on paper for the client where our creative staff of writers and directors would like the advertising to head. More importantly, it allows a dialog to start between us and the client. The goal of this dialog is to agree strategically where to go. While media does not have to be already purchased at this step, it is usually discussed (at least in broad strokes) so that our creative teams will know if they have, say, some spots running on cable, or a web-commercial with a 50k Flash load limit.

This gives the client an assurance that we understand their product or service. It lets both parties refer back to a common piece of guiding communication. And it provides a demographic and psychographic map for the creative staff to follow as they begin to write the commercial.

3) Creative Ideation+Pitch

When the client has approved the Creative Brief, our teams of writers and art directors go to work crafting ideas and pitching ideas to our creative director. If a specific media buy is known, we work within those parameters. If it is still being decided or we are being asked for a media recommendation as part of the creative presentation, we will concept any advertising media that might be consumed by the target audience, and could be produced within the scope of the proposed budget.

Our creative director chooses at least three concepts that best fit the strategy and creative brief and prepares a pitch presentation to the client. Various modes of presentation are used according to what best tells the story of the creative (storyboards, etc).

4) Revisions, Final Approval and Pre-Production.

The first pitch meeting allows our creative staff to sit with the client’s marketing staff and explain how the commercial meets the marketing objectives that were outlined in the Strategy and Creative Brief.

On rare ocassions there’s a home run on the first meeting. But we expect and welcome client feedback and changes at this early stage; no one knows their consumer and their product better than the client. While we appreciate having clients that respect our recommendations, we know we are a service industry, so revisions are made according to client requests.

After revisions, we begin to start the pre-production process with the client where we tighten the final creative concept with a final script and present production timetables, casting, finalize budget and lock script for production.

5) Production.

  1. a) We produce the ad using the highest quality equipment and talent as afforded by the budget. We welcome the client’s on-set supervision and creative involvement if desired.
  2. b) Post-production and creation of a “rough-cut” for advertiser approval.
  3. c) Revisions are made per client request and then we go into picture lock.
  4. d) Project is delivered on time and in the negotiated delivery format.


We love making ads. We get to help companies large or small get their hard work in front of people. It’s a blast and we’d love to be a part of what you are doing. As a final note, we’d like to mention that we also bring to the table a host of relationships from decades of experience on both the agency and production side. As such, to promote our clients’ work, we can offer fantastic vendors, crafts/trades-people, talent, and advertising professionals.

Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help your company succeed.