"What is that"

"It's yours now, just be careful with it. It's special."

The Trailers

The Premise

Dalton's not the type of guy you're likely to remember. Quiet and unobtrusive, he's invisible to everyone at work and run over by his mother and sister at home. But all that changes when a street kid living behind Dalton's dumpster gives Dalton a mysterious pouch. Now, Dalton walks with a new confidence and strange peace. The alluring contents of his pouch bring him more attention than he's ever had - or possibly wanted. Dalton is alternately sought after and reviled by all who surround him, and he's starting to feel uncomfortable about it. When his secret ultimately leads to disaster, he breaks. With his prize turning out to be nothing but a curse, Dalton frantically searches for the kid who gave it to him. But the one person who can lift his burden has disappeared. Broken and alone, Dalton is left to choose for himself: Is his strange reward worth the price he has to pay?

The Film

The short film Dalton's Reward was created in the spring of 2005 for the 168 Hour Film Festival & Project. To compete in the 168 Hour Film Festival, the production team for Dalton's Reward was assigned a topic from which to write a screenplay and produce a quality film in less than 168 hours.

Over 80 people of various skills and talents joined together in a 1-week production marathon to create Dalton's Reward. The film was considered by many to be one of the top 25 films of the festival. Dalton's Reward is a powerful demonstration of what can be done by a talented group of people in a short amount of time.

Dalton's Reward stars Brian Nolen, Jenn Gotzon, Ben Schuler, Mick Wingert, Maria Lay, Troi Ge, & Rochelle Rousso. Produced by Elysian Pictures, the film was written by Amy Woods, Chris Armstrong, Herbert Higginbotham, & Becca Worthington. Dalton's Reward was directed by Chris Armstrong.

Dalton's Reward will be touring film festivals across the country and will be sold on DVD. If you are interested in a copy of Dalton's Reward or locations and times of festival appearances sign up to with the Elysian Pictures' information list below.

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