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The Director's Reel above is the talented work of Writer Director Producer Chris Armstrong of Elysian Pictures Independent Film Production Company. The directing demo reel is a collection of movie clips from the short films Chris Armstrong and Elysian Pictures have produced, such as the Independent suspense thriller “Scenario for Delirium”. More information about Chris Armstrong including resume, film clips, and descriptions and movie trailers of Elysian Pictures movie projects can be found at the Elysian Pictures Homepage.

A San Francisco Film Arts Foundation sponsored Director; Chris Armstrong currently has six productions credited as Producer/Director, and five included as writer. He has a passion for film, a love of story, and an acute sense of visual perfection. Beyond those films, he has also worked on a variety of crew positions and jobs on over 30+ films as the Director of Photography, Assistant Director, Lead Gaffer, and other below the line positions. Watch his director's reel above to view a sample of his work. You can also view lower rez. versions of his directing reel on his directors bio page.