The Chase


A Cheesy Date

Commercial Information:

The Doritos "Crash The Superbowl Competition" is a contest where individuals and companies compete by creating commercial spots for Doritos brand chips. The commercials are judged by an independent jury formed by Doritos to decide the Top 5 commercials. The top five commercials have an opportunity to air during the 2009 Superbowl among receiving other prizes and accolades.

The following are submissions by Elysian Pictures' Director / Writer Chris Armstrong:


"The Chase" - After teasing his roommates cat with a laser pointer, Dan finds himself the subject of similar treatment.

  • Director: Chris Armstrong
  • Writer: Chris Armstrong
  • Production Company: Resolve
  • Producer: Chris Roberts
  • Producer: Aaron Matthew Kaiser
  • Executive Producer: Jeff Bartsch
  • DP: Brandon Lippard
  • Editor: Chris Witt
  • Actors: Jeremy Searle, Melissa Disney, Braxton Honeycutt


"Crunch" - A nerdy girl discovers the secret to attracting men's affection.

  • Director: Chris Armstrong
  • Writer: Melissa Disney
  • Production Company: Elysian Pictures
  • Producer: Melissa Disney, Jenn Gotzon, Galen Gilbert
  • DP: Jeff Reed
  • Editor: Hannah Dallison, Chris Armstrong
  • Actors: Melissa Disney, Jenn Gotzon, Chris DeMarco, Brandon Lippard, Mike Fucci, Craig Kvinsland, Joshua Bott, Ed Visnor


"A Cheesy Date" - A sweet girl must wade her way through a barrage of eccentric men to find her one true match.

  • Director: Chris Armstrong
  • Writer: Chris Armstrong, Mick Wingert
  • Production Company: Elysian Pictures
  • Producer: Jenn Gotzon, Chris Armstrong
  • DP: Mike McCaffrey
  • Editor: Mike McCaffrey
  • Actors: Jenn Gotzon, Chris DeMarco, Michael J. Fucci, Richard Clarke Larsen, Priscilla Netto, Terrance Garner, John Ware, Ed Vesner, Stevo Brock, Tyff Chaney, Jackson Guirrez, Patrick Gerrety, Austin Brooks, Skyler Payne, Nevin Millan, Joshua Bott, Doc' Frank Bettag, Larry David Eudene, Sawyer Peace, Chris Armstrong