If you are passionate about independent film and the companies that produce them, then Elysian Pictures would love your help in promoting and marketing our films and company to the world.

Any opportunity you get to tell people about Elysian Pictures, or promote one of our films is a great help to us. Tell your friends, co-workers and anybody and everybody you think could be interested.

Online and Social Network Promotion

Traditional Film Promotion

If you are interested in help to promote Elysian Pictures through traditional means, or have your own ideas on how to help promote Elysian and our Films please contact us

Internet Promotion

One of the best ways to promote Elysian Pictures and our films is helping to get the word out on the internet. With a vast market of interested indie film gurus out there, and even bigger market of people unexposed to the indie film genre the web offers one of the biggest and easiest means to get the word out. Feel free to link to Elysian Pictures in your blogs, websites, myspace profiles, forum posts and other online communication. Each and every bit of it helps us.

If you need to post on your website or blog, the following code samples should help you.

Promotion Web Code Samples

<A HREF="http://www.elysianpictures.com/">Elysian Pictures Film Production Company</A>
<A HREF="http://www.elysianpictures.com/films.htm">Elysian Pictures Independent Films</A>

Images and Logos

Below are Images and Logos that you can download and attach to blogs and webpages. In order to have permission to use the Elysian Pictures' Logo and Images please make sure all images are linked to the Elysian Pictures Website.