"It is arguably the most influential artistic medium ever created."

Dreams, imagination, and emotion speeding by at 24 frames a second. Truths and lies wrapped up in emotional and visceral responses, images of tragedy and grandeur. Heroes and villains, the common and the unbelievable made real in a two hour story of love won and love lost, of men made and men destroyed, of power and the power to overcome. Few artistic mediums have such influence to invoke emotions and attachment, inspirations and challenges, love and hate. Few artistic medians have touched us like the motion picture.

Most of us can think back to films that have touched us in the past, films that have challenged and changed us. Films that have inspired and encouraged us. Films that have purely and simply entertained us. They are the culmination of tens to hundreds of minds formulating a single idea, a single thought, and a single story to be remembered for the ages, and they leave their mark on script, screen, and our souls.

It is these films that Elysian Pictures creates. High quality reflections of our thoughts and dreams, our aspirations and enjoyments. Films that leave their mark on us forever. Whether that is through pure entertainment or relating to the themes and desires, every Elysian Picture film is designed to leave the audience changed. Every film is presented as a possibility of growth, of challenge, and of inspiration. Elysian Pictures is not just an independent film production company, but a tool for growth and individual betterment, entertainment and enjoyment.

Interwoven in each frame are complex themes and ideas, and more importantly questions. Questions about life, about us, and about those around you. Often these are questions of the soul, sometimes deep questions we did know we were asking. All played out in a seamless integration of entertainment and emotion.


Rich characters, snappy dialogue, and original, compelling plot points highlight every one of Elysian Pictures' films. A good theme, a great question, and unforgettable inspiration are all but useless if it is not told in a compelling story. Story is the foundation of every film, and every one of Elysian Pictures' films. Story... is first.


Second are the characters to which we relate. Characters that inspire us, challenge us, and of whom we love to dislike. We root for, sympathize, and detest these individuals. They are not just actors but our heart and mind's portrayal of the individuals in this story. The story that we have transported ourselves into.


It is Elysian Pictures' belief that you can not answer a question that you are not asking. And it is these questions that Elysian Pictures tries to instill in every one of its themes and subjects contained in their films. Some of these questions have answers, some are going to need answers. Some films will leave you with inspiration, some films won't, but all films will challenge you to be a better individual.


All films should be entertaining, exciting and memorable. These are the films that Elysian Pictures produces. Films of extraordinarily high quality. Visual masterpieces of thought, theme, and emotion at 24 frames a second. The perfection of a median that will continue to influence a generation.