Scenario for Delirium - is an independent dramatic short film about Tyler, an innocent and unsuspecting computer programmer who is seduced by the troubled beauty Ashley. Tyler falls in love with Ashley who tells him of her problems and debt to the mob. She convinces Tyler to help her rob a bank in order to cut her debt. One dead hostage and a wire transfer later, Ashley leaves Tyler to take the blame while she leaves with the money. Narrowly avoiding the police, Tyler is caught by the very men looking to collect on Ashley's dept. After a savage beating Tyler is given an ultimatum: he has 24 hours to find the money and turn in the girl he madly loves, or the mobsters will take her debt, out of him.

Sumo Joe - A young boy grows to become a top sumo wrestler with a chance to become a champion. The only chance he has to save his family from financial ruin is to fight the deadly "Crusher Callahan" a 500lbs monster of a man who has never lost.

Chasing Contentment - After losing the girl of his dreams, Nick is left with only the memories of a failed relationship and an expensive ring in his pocket. Two awkward and unexpected confrontations with Rachel push Nick to the edge and will ultimately decide the rest of his life.

Dalton´s Reward - Quiet and unobtrusive, Dalton's invisible to everyone at work and run over by his mother and sister at home. All that changes when Dalton receives a mysterious pouch. The alluring contents of his pouch bring him more attention than he's ever had - or possibly wanted. When his secret ultimately leads to disaster, he breaks. But the one person who can lift his burden has disappeared. Broken and alone, Dalton is left to choose for himself: Is his strange reward worth the price he has to pay?

Reunion - Four college friends gather at their 10 year reunion where one of them finds that it's character that matters most, not success.

Open Letter - When a mysterious guest with a key to the past knocks at her door, the life Jules thought she'd run from so long ago finds its way into her present yet again. With little choice, she must now face the unforgiven mother of her past and choose to put an end to the feelings that have eaten her alive.