Investors & Financing

As modern society progresses deeper within the information age, producing an expanding commercial entertainment market where content can be delivered on demand and quality subject matter runs short, noticeable market need to fill these lucrative slots has arisen. In conjunction with the accelerated growth of the Independent Film market, and the growing demand for independent films as a commercial commodity, projects of this nature are becoming increasingly sought after as valuable and lucrative investment vehicles.

If you are interested in investing in a future or current Elysian Pictures' film, or want to know about the exciting & profitable opportunities as a financial partner with Elysian Pictures please contact our producers for detailed information & executive summaries of out current & future productions.

Sponsors & Advertising

The motion picture offers an abundant opportunity for product placement & advertising. It is an opportunity for substantial exposure and potential returns. If your company or product is looking for an innovative chance at cinematic exposure, please contact our producers for options and opportunities in current & future productions.