"Are you here to criticize me? Play the part of my mother now that she's gone. A year later and she still haunts me from the grave." - Jules

The Premise

Jules thought she had left her long behind. Her mother was a distant, bad memory that Jules wanted only to forget. Her life was better now, and that's how she wanted to keep it. Then a phone call changed all of that. Soon afterwards she's opening the door to the pouring rain and an unwelcome guest with a letter from her mother. She must now deal with the feelings of her past, and a mother that won't let her be.

The Film

The short film Open Letter is a 10 min. short film Staring Jenn Gotzon, Anica John, and Lisa Robichaud. Written and Directed by Chris Armstrong, and produced by Elysian Pictures. The film was shot entirely in Digital Video. Open Letter is an extreme example of the how fast a quality film can be made. It was written in approximately 30 min. shot in less than 5 hours, and edited in 4 hours. The entire film was completed in under 24 hours.

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