RED Backfocus Service

Elysian Pictures can set the backfocus on your RED camera using our RED Null lens. Contact us to setup an appointment, drop your camera off at our office and we will set your backfocus for you. You can pick your camera up in two hours or less.

If the backfocus on the RED mount is not set correctly, images could appear out of focus and not properly meet the focal distance marks set on lenses.

The price for our RED Backfocus Service is $100 per camera.

The IB/E RED Null Lens

The NULL Lens is an optical collimating tool for the RED One camera. Properly adjusted, the NULL Lens can set the RED One’s mount accurately to within five microns.

If you wish to adjust your RED One yourself, or to keep on set during your production to insure proper backfocus, we also offer the RED Null Lens for rent.

IB/E-Optics RED Null Lens