Our Clients

Elysian Pictures has rented to a variety of clients and productions who rely on our equipment every day to help film their commercial and personal projects. We have rented our gear to:
  •   - Independent Features
  •   - Independent Short Films
  •   - Commercials
  •   - Industrial Videos
Our clients have included well-known companies such as Microsoft, Sony & the LA Clipers, down to single individuals with a story and a dream. More than half of our business comes from word of mouth and repeat clients who value the service, support, and reliability that we offer.

Our gear has worked flawlessly on every production. But in the case of problems, you can trust that we will provide backup gear to your production ASAP.

We know the RED - Our staff and consultants have worked on numerous RED projects with all types of budgets and workflows. Chris Armstrong has had the pleasure of leading RED camera workshops accross the country, in addition to speaking alongside RED's very own Ted Schilowitz at the LA RED User Group and on a RED DV Expo Panel.

We can ship our RED Camera Rental Packages and Camera Accessories and Lenses to your location to any city or state in the US. You can find out more details about our RED Camera and Accessory Shipping by reading the information on that page or contacting us directly.

RED Backfocus Service with RED Null Lens

Bring your RED camera to Elysian Pictures and we can set your backfocus using our RED Null lens. You can read more about the null lens and our RED backfocusing service on the linked page.

Films and Commercials Shot on RED


District 9 - TriStar Pictures (Director - Neill Blomkamp)
Jumper - 20th Centery Fox (Director - Doug Liman)
The Argentine - (Director - Steven Soderbergh)
Guerrilla - (Director - Steven Soderbergh)
The Informant - (Director - Steven Soderbergh)
Gamer - Lionsgate (Director - Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor)
Knowing - (Director - Alex Proyas
Crossing the Line - (Director - Peter Jackson)

...and many more




...and many more

RED Resources

RED Digital Cinema Homepage - www.red.com - Homepage of RED, find out more information about the camera, accessories, and workflow.

REDUSER Forum - www.reduser.net - Large forum of RED users. Offers a wealth of information and problem solving solutions related to the RED One Camera and workflow.

What People Are Saying About RED

"I liked what they were doing-making a digital camera of the utmost quality, and making it affordable for indie filmmakers."

- Peter Jackson - Academy Award winning Director - (Director & Producer of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy & King Kong)

"This is the camera I've been waiting for my whole career: jaw-dropping imagery recorded onboard a camera light enough to hold with one hand. ...RED is going to change everything."

- Steven Soderbergh - Academy Award winning Director - (Director & Cinematographer of Ocean's Eleven, Traffic and Solaris)

"I have had the opportunity to test the RED ONE camera over the past few weeks, including direct comparison to the same film I shoot on '24'. All I can say is that I am totally amazed. Revolutionary might not be a strong enough word to describe what RED is doing."

- Rodney Charters - (Cinematographer on 24)

"Film is dead. And by the way, so is video. The word is getting out that RED is the future, but for us it is right now. After holding these bad boys in our hands and putting the cameras through the full neveldine/taylor acid test our faith in the mad scientists at RED labs is unlimited. We're committed to RED for every project we've got in the pipeline."

- Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor - (Writers and Directors for Crank)

"We're shooting RED side by side film. We scanned the film 4k and took both into the Baselight, compared them and then did a filmout of both. When we screened side by side, we literally could not tell the difference. In fact, most people picked the RED footage as film because of a greater dynamic range in the highlights than in the 5218. We are actually inter-cutting the digital images with film. It's not enough to say it is the best digital image out there. The RED image looks remarkably better than the filmed images. I thought I would never be able to say that"

- Jon Farhat - (VFX Supervisor of Wanted)