"It's Leonardo Da Vinci as a superhero. He draws, he paints, he invents, and he fights crime!" - Dave

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The Premise

Four college friends gather at their 10 year reunion where one of them finds that it's character that matters most, not success.

The Film

It's Dave, Tom, Janice and Christine's 10 year college reunion. Much has changed for Tom and Janice in the past ten years - successful jobs at the top of their field, gorgeous and brilliant children, and social connections to the elite of society. Little has changed for poor old Dave. He is a struggling comic book author who still lives with his parents. Tom and Janice quickly mock and berate Dave for his lack of success, but it's a Dave's conversation with Christine that makes Dave realize life isn't all about financial and social success, but about who you are and what you were made to do that really makes one happy.

Reunion was filmed in one day on the RED One Digital Cinema Camera as part of the Bel Air Presbyterian "Then Sings My Soul" curriculum. The DVD and accompanying material was distributed to over 20,000 people.


Reunion was one of the films on the "Then Sings My Soul" series of curriculum. It is currently being distributed by Bel Air Presbyterian and has gone out to over 20,000 people. You can buy a copy of the DVD by visiting the Small Groups L.A. page and buying the "Then Sings My Soul" DVD.

The Crew

  • Director: Chris Armstrong
  • Producer: Steve Hankins
  • Executive Producer: Joshua M. Bott
  • Writer: Marian Partee
  • Director of Photography: Dean Krueger
  • Edited by: Tim L. Cunningham
  • Production Designer: James Addink
  • Music: Andy Dolson
  • Set Dresser: Kelsey Fallesen
  • 1st AD: Ellie Pappuleas
  • 1st AC: Joey Krueger
  • Gaffer: Pete Brown
  • Boom Operator: Bill Agee
  • Wardrobe: Megan Ondercin
  • Key Makeup: Norma Isiordia
  • Makeup: Naz Madean
  • Script Supervisor: Laura Kobzeff
  • Production Assistant: Marian Hill
  • Production Assistant: Matt Dillier

The Cast

  • Dave: Damon Pfaff
  • Tom: Derek Ross
  • Janice: Jenice Marshall
  • Christine: Jenn Gotzon
  • Brandon: J. Patrick Wise
  • Brandon's Girlfriend: Melissa Disney
  • Professor: Doc' Frank Bettag
  • College Reunioner: Chris Demarco
  • College Reunioner: Tim L. Cunmningham
  • College Reunioner: Marian Partee
  • College Reunioner: Cristy Joy
  • College Reunioner: David Lamb
  • College Reunioner: Pete Brown
  • College Reunioner: Jackson Gutierrez
  • College Reunioner: Lauren Wong
  • College Reunioner: Jennifer Moore
  • College Reunioner: David Kalish

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