"And in her, I sought life. Ashley Marks. The type of girl sonnets are written about, and Trojan wars are fought. The type you know will only ruin you if you stay, but would haunt you if you ever thought to leave. But then again, I guess there's always a girl like that behind a situation like this." - Tyler

The Trailers

The Premise

Tyler's innocent heart fell as she smiled seductively at him... and Ashley knew it. Now, three weeks later he's got a gun barrel pressed down a hostage's mouth and has only her to blame. Somehow that smile doesn't seem quite so good. He thought he could save this troubled beauty... but now it's Tyler who's in need of redemption. With their bank robbery out of control, Ashley leaves Tyler stranded to take the blame as she escapes with the money. Hard pressed, Tyler narrowly averts the police only to be caught by the very men looking to collect on Ashley's debt. Mobsters by the name of Vince and James. After a savage beating, he's given one last chance, and a difficult ultimatum: find the money and turn in the girl he so thoroughly loves, or watch as the mobsters take her debt, out of him.

The Film

The short film, which begins right after the bank robbery, follows Tyler and Ashley's life while moving in opposite, parallel directions. One storyline follows Tyler's pursuit of Ashley after the robbery, while a second portrays the relationship of the characters, Ashley's troubles, and Tyler's developing love for Ashley and his belief in her redemption. With the veil of a suspense thriller, neo-noir tragedy, Scenario for Delirium packs enough action and dark suspense to keep any audience on the edge of their seat, but buried deep within is a profoundly tragic love story hauntingly familiar to countless people. The film not only offers heart pounding suspense, but probes deep into the human soul revealing the darkness of the heart, and the need for love and redemption in all of us.

Scenario for Delirium was shot in 2002, in the Northern California Bay Area. Written and Directed by Chris Armstrong, Produced by Elysian Pictures. The independent short film stars Mark Alexander, Jenn Gotzon, Roque Versace, Terrence Garner, and Jesse Rice. Scenario for Delirium was shot entirely on DV (digital video), over the course of 2 weeks for a total running time of 25 min. The film contains PG-13 content.

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