Commercial Information:

The Chase was a 2009 "Crash The Superbowl" commercial finalist. It competed for air time on the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa Florida (Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers). "The Chase" was judged by an independent jury formed by Doritos and beat out nearly 2000 other entries to be a Top Five Finalist and a chance to air on the Super Bowl.

The commercial spot has since been picked up by Doritos to air on national TV as part of their 2009 campaign. It has been airing on TV since Feb 02.

"The Chase" was written and directed by Chris Armstrong

Doritos Commercial - The Chase

"The Chase" - After teasing his roommates cat with a laser pointer, Dan finds himself the subject of similar treatment.

  • Director: Chris Armstrong
  • Writer: Chris Armstrong
  • Production Company: Resolve
  • Producer: Chris Roberts
  • Producer: Aaron Matthew Kaiser
  • Executive Producer: Jeff Bartsch
  • DP: Brandon Lippard
  • Editor: Chris Witt
  • Actors: Jeremy Searle, Melissa Disney, Braxton Honeycutt

"The Chase" is about a guy who gets what's coming to him. Dan is teasing his roommates cat with a laser pointer, but his roommate has been through this before and knows all about Dan's weakness to Doritos. A Doritos modified RC car proves too much for Dan as he can no longer control his animal instincts - much to the delight of his roommate and their cat.

The Chase was shown as part of the Super Bowl Ad Reel for "The CBS Morning Show", "FOX LA Morning Show", "Hannity's America on FOX News" and many other TV and cable shows.

The following is a clip from The CBS Morning Show:

In addition to shooting "The Chase", writer and director Chris Armstrong filmed two additional Doritos spots for the contest. Those commercials can be viewed on the: Doritos Commercial page.