Film & Movie Trailers

Scenario for Delirium - A modern day film noir following the lives of two troubled lovers trying to escape their past and present day problems.

Sumo Joe - A young boy grows to become a top sumo wrestler with a chance to become a champion and save his family from financial ruin.

Chasing Contentment - After losing the girl of his dreams, Nick must come to grips with the pain that haunts his soul as he seeks to find his own contentment.

Dalton´s Reward - Unknown & unloved, Dalton receives a gift that changes his life. But this gift, his only blessing, is also his greatest curse.

Reunion - Four college friends gather at their 10 year reunion where one of them finds that it's character that matters most, not success.

Demo Reels

Chris Armstrong Director´s Reel - View the directing reel for Writer & Director Chris Armstrong.

Commercial Reels

Commercial Demo Reel - View a commercial demo reel for commercial and web video projects for Elysian Pictures.